A Top 5 Park in Lima: Parque de la Amistad!

Parque de La Amistad/Friendship Park, Lima

The most recommended park in Lima is the Magic Water Circuit park (Circuito Mágico del Agua), which is a definite must-see. The circuit is large and beautiful, and totally photogenic. However, there are nearly always large crowds of tourists, lovers and families.
My best friend from Peru took me to another park in Lima, located in the neighbourhood of Surco, which is a relatively well-developed neighbourhood. The park contained cute steam trains, a Spanish Moore Arch from 1924, tiny lake boats for hire (5 soles), and clean park benches to sit down and chat with your friend, family member or lover!
Unlike the Magic Water Circuit Park, which is a park practically designed for tourists, entry to the Friendship Park is absolutely free of charge.
There are fewer people at Friendship Park, compared to Parque del Amor (Love Park) or the Magic Water Circuit, as it does not generate a top tourist attraction hit on Google search engines or tourism sites. Yet, it has possibly one of the most beautiful artificial lakes I have seen at night. There are lights, soft music, people riding on boats, and various street styled gourmet vendors of food and trinkets. There is also a well-developed restaurant situated to the side of the lake, which I didn’t get to try*, but the food looked super amazing, and you can get set main plates for 15 soles; around USD$5.
How to get to el Parque de La Amistad:
The friendship park is located just off a main road ‘Avenida Alfredo Benavides’ which extends from Miraflores to Surco.
It is a 1 hour and 20-minute walk from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, or a 15-minute cab or Uber ride. The cab should cost no more than 10 soles (USD$3-4) from Miraflores.
There are various buses and colectivos which go directly past the Park, by which I would highly recommend using the application ‘Moovit’.
Open from 0900-2100, Tuesday to Sunday
*I had just been to Bembos, which is a Peruvian version of McDonalds, and so much better than McDonalds, FYI!


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